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Our staff is well trained in the following services. Please choose from the following selection to make sure you get the best service that fits your needs! Depending on location, services start at an affordable $99!

Table Massage

Full body relaxation using moderate pressure with long-relaxing strokes.
Uses deep pressure to ease muscle tension.
A soothing and relaxing massage focusing on reducing the many stressors your body encounters during pregnancy, including muscle tension, fatigue and state-of-mind (second and third trimesters only).
This massage is designed to alleviate tension in the body conclusive to the sport or activity; it consists of range-of-motion stretching, cross-fiber friction, and followed by a firm pressure circulatory massage to break down lactic acid. Great for athletes and gym buffs!
Enjoy a massage of your choice with your favorite person at the same time.

Starting at $120

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Chair Massage

Starting at $99

Chair massage is great for events and larger parties: employee appreciation days, corporate wellness programs, and bridal or bachelorette parties. It is a great way to relax for a short amount of time. Enjoy the benefits of chair massage starting at $99/ hour for a minimum of 2 hours.


Yoga Quote

Two Hands Yoga takes yoga out of the studio and into your everyday life- since the most sacred space for yoga isn’t at the gym or the studio, it’s within you.

Starting at $99

Yoga is good for everyone and should be accessible to anyone who wants to practice. Our ‘choose your own location’ classes are perfect for up to 10 people and start at $99/hour. Private, personal, or group instruction, bring your breath and your mat and we’ll do the rest.
**Additional yogis are $10 each

Corporate Wellness

Our Corporate Wellness Program keeps employees happy, healthy, and engaged. We realize that you and your staff are busy and require convenience and quality service. We provide experienced wellness professionals that enhances your employee productivity and makes them feel valued. We offer ergonomic assessments, chair massage and yoga services right to your office. It’s simple, cost effective, personalized, has lasting rewards and is a tax write-off.


Massage Packages

Purchase a package of 5, receive a 15% discount
Purchase a package of 10, receive an 18% discount