How would you celebrate your wedding engagement?

The last event I worked at was in beautiful Palm Springs, CA. It was the beginning of March 2012 and the weather was about 85 degrees out! I made the trip from San Diego to Palm Springs to help celebrate a bride to be’s BIG wedding day! She decided to spend a relaxing weekend with close girlfriends at a beautiful vacation rental. I performed massage by the window in the master bedroom which had a view of the pool. We left the sliding glass door open so she can feel the breeze of the wind. As I was giving the bride and her guests a little TLC through massage therapy, some of the relaxed by the pool, had a group yoga session, or went shopping on the main strip! I was absolutely honored to be a part of the bride’s Rite of Passage! It was a long and tiring day, but the smiles on everyone’s face made my trip worth every second! Congrats Elizabeth!

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